A Snap in Between: The Colours of Black and White in Hsu Ping’s Theatre Photography

Engaged in photojournalism for many years, Hsu Ping has a soft spot for black and white photos. Taken a lot of theatre photos, he is going to share with us how he sees theatre photography from the perspective of documentary photography and how to build relationship with the photographed. Meanwhile, he will also share some insights into the different aspects of theatres in Taiwan and Macau.

Acknowledgement: approaching theatre

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A documentary photographer, Hsu Ping was awarded the Golden Tripod Award for Publications in 1994 and 1996.

A veteran theatre photographer in Taiwan, he has worked for the magazine Performing Arts Review since 1992.

His photo publications include Ankoku Butoh: The Premodern and Postmodern Influences on the Dance of Utter Darkness, 20×25 Performance Arts Photographs, Pina Bausch, etc.

A Snap of Memory: Li Yan’s Focus on the Theatre People and Happenings

Li Yan has been engaged in theatre photography in mainland China for nearly 40 years, encountering many important figures and performances in the development of Chinese theatre.

In this sharing, Li will elaborate on the encounters with the people and happenings in his career, and talk about his views on theatre photography, as well as the impact of technological changes on theatre photography.

In collaboration with Post Wave Theatre

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Currently working for the Xinhua News Agency, Li Yan is known as the walking dictionary of Chinese Contemporary Theatre.

A photographer and writer, Li has been documenting the contemporary theatre of Beijing for over 30 years. Many of his writings and pictures are published in local and overseas newspapers.

From 2012 to 2015, his theatre photographs were exhibited in Beijing, Taipei, Shanghai, Yunnan Suhe, and Changsha.